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note about registering a trac login's Google Summer of Code 2007 Project

This wiki is for organizing the participation in the Google summer of Code, keeping track of the projects, tasks, and publishing news.

To edit pages, if you don't already have a trac login, you will need to register one. (See buttons top right)

The Team.

Starting Points



Tickets <= #86 were proposals from 2006. Many of those ideas are still good.

Students can often find it difficult to pitch a proposal just right for the time available. Mentors (or anybody else with experience) should add comments to proposals, like: off-topic, too easy, too hard, too vague. Please also give suggestions for improvement, helping to tighten-up and clarify what would be cool about the project.

We will probably try to have a backup mentor for every project in the final allocation, so feel free to put yourself down for a proposal, even if you might not be confident enough to be lead mentor.


Old Starting Points

There may be some useful historical stuff here to help with this year's applications:

Trac documentation: TracGuide, Trac FAQ, TracSupport.

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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