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Accepted Proposals 2008

See also

  • GHC API Improvements

by Thomas Schilling, mentored by Simon Marlow

  • Dynamically Loaded Plugins for the Glasgow Haskell Compiler

by Maximilian Conroy Bolingbroke, mentored by Sean Seefried

  • Haskell API Search as an interface to Hackage

by Neil Mitchell, mentored by Niklas Broberg

  • Language.C, a standalone parser/pretty printer library for C99

by Benedikt Huber, mentored by Iavor S. Diatchki

  • Cabal 'make-like' dependency framework

by Andrea Vezzosi, mentored by Duncan Coutts

  • #1560 Efficient maps using generalised tries

by Jamie Brandon, mentored by Adrian Charles Hey

  • Data parallel physics engine

by Roman Cheplyaka, mentored by Manuel M. T. Chakravarty