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    2222Consider the following caveats before you apply:
    2323 * Google Summer-of-Code projects are a full (day-) time job.  This means we expect roughly 36 hours per week on your project, during the three months of coding.  Obviously we have flexibility, but if your schedule (exams, courses) does not give you this amount of spare time, then maybe you should not apply.
    2425 * Getting paid by Google requires that you meet certain milestones.  First, you must be in good standing with the community before the official start of the programme.  We suggest you post some design emails to some mailing lists, and get feedback on them, both ''before'' applying, and during the "community bonding period" between acceptance and official start.  Also, you must have made progress and committed significant code before the mid-term point.
    2527 * We are thinking of requiring accepted students to have a blog syndicated to Planet Haskell, where you will write about your project on a regular basis.  This is so that the community at large can be involved and help you.  SoC is not a private contract between your mentor and you.