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     1= Student application template =
     3For this year's Google Summer of Code, is particularly keen
     4to see proposals for work on libraries, compilers, and tools, that is,
     5infrastructure to support the growth of the language, rather than (say)
     6applications that merely use Haskell.
     8For reference, the successful project proposals in 2006 can be seen
     9[ here].
     10Click on the project names to see some good models for how to write
     11a winning proposal.
     13In your application, try to tell us as much as possible about yourself,
     14and what you want to do.  It is much easier to judge a long proposal
     15than a short one.  Sell yourself.
     17[ Official Google instructions for submitting your proposal]
     19= Questions =
     21 * What is the goal of the project you propose to do?
     23 * Can you give some more detailed design of what precisely you intend to
     24   achieve?
     26 * What deliverables do you think are reasonable targets?
     27   Can you outline an approximate schedule of milestones?
     29 * In what ways will this project benefit the wider Haskell community?
     31 * What relevant experience do you have?  e.g. Have you coded anything
     32   in Haskell?  Have you contributed to any other open source software?
     33   Been studying advanced courses in a related topic?
     35 * In what ways do you envisage interacting with the wider Haskell
     36   community during your project?  e.g. How would you seek help on
     37   something your mentor wasn't able to deal with?  How will you get others
     38   interested in what you are doing?
     40 * Why do you think you would be the best person to tackle this project?
     42= Caveats =
     44 * Please note that Google Summer-of-Code projects are a full (day-) time
     45   job.
     47 * A positive mid-term evaluation is only possible if code has
     48   been committed by that time.  Make sure your schedule allows for this.