wiki:Soc2013's Google Summer of Code 2013 Project

This wiki is for organizing our participation, keeping track of the projects, tasks, and publishing news.

Potential mentors and student applicants can (and should) suggest projects using the links below. However, don't forget that, once you find something you are interested in, you will also need to apply directly to Google.

To edit pages, if you don't already have a trac login, you will need to register one. (See buttons top right)

For real-time discussion, join the IRC channel #haskell-gsoc on

Project ideas!



Want to earn $5,000 USD for 3 months work hacking in Haskell? Go to our ideas page, browse around, and write up a proposal for something you would like to work on. You must be available to work basically full-time for the months of June to August (inclusive). Proposals are competitive against other students.

Starting Points


Mentors and Anyone else:

Got any good ideas for coding projects, but no time to work on them yourself? Add it into the database!

In the past, folks have added entries on proposal idea on reddit. Feel free to use these for inspiration.

Or do you feel you could be either a primary or backup mentor for a student project in an area of your interest, even if it isn't a project you defined yourself? We need willing members of the community to foster the new student talent, so sign up on the People2013? page if you would like to be involved. Obviously you will need Haskell coding experience, but also be able to advise on time management, strategies for gaining a userbase and keeping them happy, ways of interacting with the wider Haskell community, and so on.


We have a list of stale proposals from previous years:

Take a look and if your favorite project is on the list then change it's priority and add a comment giving an explanation!

Add some more! (We have disabled anonymous ticket creation to stop spam, so you will need to register a login.)

Students can often find it difficult to pitch a proposal just right for the time available. Mentors (or anybody else with experience) should add comments to proposals, like: off-topic, too easy, too hard, too vague. Please also give suggestions for improvement, helping to tighten-up and clarify what would be cool about the project.

We will probably try to have a backup mentor for every project in the final allocation, so feel free to put yourself down for a proposal, even if you might not be confident enough to be lead mentor.

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