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Stage 1: Update Hat's tracing of the hierarchical libraries by developing a build process that integrates their current code bases:

  • fixed some installation problems that prevented Hat from installing for ghc-6.6.1
  • fixed hat-trans to generate hierarchical Hat/ directories in the correct place
  • general build scheme established
  • mtl, filepath, base mostly done (still need to polish the general build scheme before they are ready for prime time)

Stage 2: Integrate build process of Stage 1 into Cabal as appropriate

Stage 3: Automate the wrapping of trickier bits (stuff that doesn't have a Haskell representation needs manual treatment at the moment)

  • abstract from the general notion of wrapping a library, and come up with a general scheme
  • implement the general wrapping scheme as a tool


My summer starts and ends one month later than usual for the summer of code (starting in the middle of June, ending in late September), so have patience :-)

All my darcs repos are here: