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Enhancing the HackageDB Web Interface

Sascha Böhme, Ross Paterson { Simon Marlow, BryanOS, Bjorn Bringert, Alex Jacobson }

See the HackageDB ToDo list for a list of HackageDB tasks. (Original application to Google)

Automated building of packages and generation of Haddock documentation

The plan is for a daemon to build HackageDB packages and add the resulting build logs and Haddock documentation to the package pages. Since building Cabal packages may execute arbitrary code, it must be done in a protected environment (e.g. chroot).


  • setup_chroot script: sets up a chroot environment based on debootstrap and the testing version of Debian
  • autodoc tool: downloads packages and their dependencies, builds them in a choot environment, creates the Haddock documentation and build logs


  • identify C libraries needed to build packages (e.g. SDL, X11, OpenGL, ...) and add them to the chroot environment
  • improve autodoc output, especially more readable build logs
  • Hoogle output
  • run test suites of packages
  • allow for different compilers and compiler versions