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People Involved in the Google Summer of Code 2008

Those are the volunteers in charge of the organization for the purpose of the Google Summer of Code 2008 programme. We happily welcome more people.

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  • Malcolm Wallace (malcolmw) <Malcolm.Wallace@…>
  • Ian Lynagh (igloo) (backup administrator) <igloo@…>

Interested Mentors

(A # symbol indicates those who have actually signed up with Google.)

Interested Students

  • Malte Milatz (desegnis)
  • Neil Mitchell (neil/ndm) <>
  • Bharath Ramsundar (bramsundar)
  • Roman Cheplyaka (Feuerbach) <>
  • Michael Ploujnikov (Plouj) <>
  • Andrea Vezzosi (Saizan)
  • Satoshi Kodama (snip)
  • David Wahler (dwahler) <dwahler@…>
  • Ivan Dilchovski (Moridin) <root.darkstar@…>
  • Michal Janeczek (kjdf) <janeczek@…>
  • Benedikt Huber <benedikt.huber@…>
  • Ben Kalman (btkalman) <btkalman@…>
  • Asumu Takikawa (shimei)
  • Moises Osorio <…>
  • Add yourself! (And subscribe to the sensible ticket(s).)