Apr 5, 2012:

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Add `Ilias Tsitsimpis' as an interested student (diff)
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10:35 AM Ticket #1622 (General FFI improvements) created by julek
What I would like to do is to improve the integration of C/C++ with …

Apr 4, 2012:

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Apr 2, 2012:

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7:38 PM Ticket #1615 (Haskell support for Visual Studio 11 and upcoming versions) closed by zhulikas

Mar 30, 2012:

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Specifiying that bsrkaditya(me) is applying under darcs (diff)

Mar 29, 2012:

2:01 PM Ticket #1621 (Snap: Implement type-safe URL support for the Snap Web Framework) created by ozataman
Snap aims to be a fast, resiable, easy to use, high quality and high level …

Mar 28, 2012:

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Added myself(bsrkaditya) as an interested student (diff)
9:52 AM Ticket #1620 (haskell-type-exts) created by nibro
== What? == The [http://hackage.haskell.org/package/haskell-src-exts

Mar 26, 2012:

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10:15 PM Ticket #1619 (Tweak memory-reuse analysis tools for GHC compatibility) created by rrnewton
Some program instrumentation and analysis tools are language agnostic. Pin …
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2:49 PM Ticket #1618 (Add NUMA-supporting features to GHC) created by acfoltzer
This ticket is an adaptation of …
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