Mar 23, 2011:

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3:33 PM Ticket #1598 (Improve/rewrite HDBC backends) created by gbaz
cf http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/haskell-cafe/2011-February/089535.html

Mar 22, 2011:

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3:59 PM Ticket #1597 (Platform neutral GUI leading to ... hackage 3) created by tirili
It is hard in hackage to get an overview over nearly 3000 libraries, how …
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Mar 21, 2011:

10:49 AM Ticket #1596 (A statistics library and environment) created by KetilMalde
Although some statistics functionality exists in Haskell (e.g. in Bryan …
5:20 AM Ticket #1595 (Convert the text package to use UTF-8 internally) created by tibbe
When the text package was created, early benchmarks showed that using …

Mar 20, 2011:

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Mar 19, 2011:

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added more mentors from the melange list (diff)
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Add myself as interested student. (diff)
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9:34 AM Ticket #1594 (Build multiple Cabal packages in parallel) created by tibbe
Many developers have multi-core machines but Cabal runs the build process …
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12:31 AM Ticket #1593 (GHC Cross Compiler) created by dterei
It would be great if GHC supported cross compilation. GHC is reasonably …
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12:15 AM StudApply2011 created by dterei
copied from 2010
12:10 AM People2011 created by dterei
Copied 2010 page. Removed students but left mentors.
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update some 2010 to 2011 (diff)

Mar 18, 2011:

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Mar 14, 2011:

10:07 PM Ticket #1592 (C++ -> Haskell FFI Generator using SWIG) created by dainanaki
I'd like to head up the implementation of a basic SWIG module that will …
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