Feb 13, 2011:

11:44 PM Ticket #1549 (New purely functional data structures/ containers library) closed by tibbe
wontfix: This already being worked on (we have a 2-5x faster Data.Map for keys that …
11:41 PM Ticket #1574 (Haskell IMAP Library or Email Client) closed by tibbe
wontfix: Nice idea but not widely useful enough. From experience students aren't …
11:32 PM Ticket #1573 (A packet analysis framework in Haskell) closed by tibbe
wontfix: Neat idea but not widely applicable enough for GSoC in my opinion.
11:06 PM Ticket #1563 (Haskell interface to Firebird) closed by tibbe
wontfix: Nice idea but I don't think this is of enough general usability for GSoC. …
11:04 PM Ticket #1586 (GHC + LLVM Cross Compiler) closed by tibbe
wontfix: Cool project but there doesn't seem to be a demand for this at the moment.
11:00 PM Ticket #1129 (Implement XHB) closed by tibbe
wontfix: Nice idea but I don't see a big community need for this to make it a GSoC …
10:57 PM Ticket #49 (Various GHC projects) closed by tibbe
wontfix: GHC work would be nice but many projects are too hard for students (see …
10:56 PM Ticket #1107 (WWW::Mechanize-like package for Haskell) closed by tibbe
wontfix: A little bit too specialized. To be really useful it also requires a …
10:55 PM Ticket #7 (GHC - Handling of recursive modules) closed by tibbe
wontfix: There's not enough of a community need for this and the project seems a …
10:53 PM Ticket #37 (Refactoring to Classes) closed by tibbe
wontfix: Nice idea but I don't think HaRe? is used enough that this gives us enough …
10:50 PM Ticket #24 (Matlab Binding) closed by tibbe
wontfix: Nice idea but I don't think it's useful for enough people.
10:47 PM Ticket #1560 (Efficient Maps using Generalised Tries) closed by tibbe
wontfix: There are already a bunch of trie libraries on Hackage so this problem is …
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Feb 8, 2011:

7:52 PM Ticket #1587 (Hackage 2.0 Web Services) closed by guest
fixed: Matthew Gruen/gracenotes told me when I asked on #haskell that the new …
7:51 PM Ticket #1581 (Improve Cabal's test support) closed by guest
7:50 PM Ticket #1580 (A high-performance HTML combinator library using Data.Text) closed by guest
fixed: Closing as fixed per Dzhus. blase-builder and blaze-html seem quite …
7:50 PM Ticket #1566 (Implement the Immix garbage collector in GHC) closed by guest
wontfix: This was a 2010 SoC project. Given that it failed (no Immix GC in GHC, and …
7:48 PM Ticket #1565 (Build a package API tool) closed by guest
fixed: This seems to have been implemented as …
7:45 PM Ticket #1554 (Hackage build reporting) closed by guest
wontfix: Duncan says on the Hackage bug report that 'The remaining work is mostly …
7:41 PM Ticket #1553 (cabal-install package dependency resolution) closed by guest
fixed: The three linked Cabal bugs have all been closed; accordingly, I'm closing …
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