Apr 3, 2009:

9:02 AM Ticket #1579 (Implement overlap and exhaustiveness checking for pattern matching) created by euschn
GHC's current checker for overlaps and exhaustiveness patterns is in need …
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8:33 AM People2009 edited by euschn

Apr 2, 2009:

6:19 PM People2009 edited by AdrianHey
4:26 PM Ticket #1577 (Simple game like chess or draughts) created
We can prove haskell is language not only to serious things, it can also …
4:07 PM Ticket #1576 (Internet browser) created
We could do text internet browser, something like lynx or links. It's …

Apr 1, 2009:

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9:25 AM Ticket #1575 (Rewrite xmonad in Java) created by Feuerbach
There are many problems with first-class functions -- they cannot be …
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