Apr 5, 2008:

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Apr 4, 2008:

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Apr 2, 2008:

11:31 PM Ticket #1562 (darcs-based wiki engine) created by davidlazar
A darcs-driven wiki engine. * All wiki pages are in a darcs repository. …

Mar 29, 2008:

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Mar 27, 2008:

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Mar 26, 2008:

10:11 PM Ticket #1561 (Cleanup, document and improve the GHC API) created by simonmar
The GHC API currently has no documentation beyond the source and a few …
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6:09 PM Ticket #1560 (Efficient Maps using Generalised Tries) created by AdrianHey
= Introduction = The Haskell standard libraries currently provide Map and …
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Mar 25, 2008:

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Mar 24, 2008:

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5:58 PM Ticket #1559 (Parallel profiling tools for GHC) created by simonmar
We currently have no tools to investigate the performance of parallel …

Mar 23, 2008:

8:21 PM Ticket #1558 (Develop LR-accepting parser combinator library) created by Feuerbach
X-SAIGA project has …
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Mar 22, 2008:

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Mar 21, 2008:

9:15 PM Ticket #1557 (intelligent mobile Haskell code) created by agocorona
Dynamic optimization of CPU and bandwidth resources in a network of nodes. …
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5:16 PM Ticket #1556 (Further Parsec Improvements) created by PhilippaCowderoy
Last year's Summer of Code project led to Parsec3, a monad transformer …
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Mar 20, 2008:

7:05 PM Ticket #1128 (Cabal + nhc98 + yhc) closed by duncan
duplicate: Closing, covered by #1552
6:29 PM Ticket #1555 (Embedded Haskell: calling Haskell from other languages) created by dons
The Haskell FFI, and in particular, GHC, supports "foreign export" of …
4:11 PM Ticket #1115 (A Replacement for GNU Make using Haskell) closed by duncan
duplicate: I've opened ticket #1552
4:09 PM Ticket #1554 (Hackage build reporting) created by duncan
Hackage has been enormously successful in terms of the number of packages …
4:09 PM Ticket #1553 (cabal-install package dependency resolution) created by duncan
`cabal-install` is the new command line …
4:09 PM Ticket #1552 (Cabal 'make-like' dependency framework) created by duncan
This project aims to prototype a make-like dependency system to use in …
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12:38 AM Ticket #1551 (Digital Audio Workstation) created by quhaha
It will have = core server = * midi recording, edit, playback * …
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Mar 19, 2008:

10:51 PM Ticket #1550 (wxHaskell improvements) created by dons
wxWidgets are a funded project this year. Coordinate with them to work on …
10:25 PM Ticket #1549 (New purely functional data structures/ containers library) created by dons
The common containers library is in need of an overhaul. Faster …
10:20 PM Ticket #1548 (xmonad: compositing support) created by dons
xmonad is a tiling window manager for X11, and a …
10:10 PM Ticket #1547 (FFI bridge to Python) created by dons
Python has an impressive number of libraries we might want to utilise from …
9:43 PM Ticket #1546 (Parser and pretty printer framework for JavaScript) created by dons
As we do more web development in Haskell, we rely more and more on …
7:16 PM Ticket #1545 (Parser and pretty printer framework for C) created by dons
The c2hs library implements a fairly complete parser for gcc C, and there …
7:13 PM Ticket #1544 (Parallel programming benchmarking and benchmark suite) created by dons
GHC offers many features for muilticore, parallel programming, including a …
7:03 PM Ticket #1543 (Performant Amazon S3 interface) created by dons
Amazon S3 , http://aws.amazon.com/s3 , is an online storage system for …
6:59 PM Ticket #1542 (Haskell interface to CouchDB) created by dons
CouchDB is a peer-based distributed, robust database server accessed via …
5:57 PM Ticket #11 (Data.ByteString - Storable a => Vector a) closed by dons
worksforme: Yes, it was mostly completed, but never made it to hackage. A maintainer …
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1:19 PM Ticket #11 (Data.ByteString - Storable a => Vector a) reopened by malcolm.wallace@…
Is there a package containing this implementation available anywhere? It …
12:17 AM Ticket #1541 (Type-level programming library) created by chak
GHC's new support for type families provides a fairly convenient and …

Mar 18, 2008:

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11:23 PM Ticket #10 (Data.ByteString - Port the Clean high performance string code) closed by duncan
wontfix: We're not interested in this any more.
10:03 PM Ticket #11 (Data.ByteString - Storable a => Vector a) closed by duncan
fixed: Spencer Janssen did this in 2006.
9:54 PM Ticket #56 (Allegro binding) closed by mahogny
9:33 PM Ticket #18 (Embedding GHCi / GHCi-api in Ion) closed by Feuerbach
wontfix: Ion3 has been superseded by xmonad.
9:24 PM Ticket #12 (Data.ByteString - Unicode layer over Data.ByteString) closed by duncan
fixed: Resolving as fixed because it's in progress as an MSc project and we don't …
9:17 PM Ticket #20 (Port ghc-api's eval mechanism to Yi) closed by nominolo
fixed: This is implemented. Well, *was*. It has been disabled. There are …
9:09 PM Ticket #75 (Implement STM Haskell for user-space micro-threads) closed by nominolo
fixed: I think this is superseded by the 2007 Haskell Workshop paper: …
2:24 PM SoC2008 edited by malcolm.wallace@…
order tickets by priority, group by topic, don't care about ticket type (diff)
2:12 PM Ticket #46 (Shared libraries in GHC) closed by nominolo
fixed: Done by Clemens in 2007. Please re-open and update description if there's …
2:08 PM Ticket #6 (GHC - debugging tools) closed by nominolo
fixed: We now have a pretty good debugger. What's missing is proper …
1:58 PM Ticket #21 (Yi Projects - Syntax Highlighting and plugins) closed by nominolo
wontfix: This ticket is rather outdated. For up-to-date proposals open a new …

Mar 17, 2008:

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3:54 AM Ticket #1540 (Debugger for Attribute Grammar using Haskell) created by yogeshmali
I intended to design a debugger for attribute grammar specification …
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