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    1 Well, I am with activities of the University, but I have the necessary time to take until the end the project, at least 6 hours to the day of Monday to Friday even the Saturdays and Sundays I have the whole time that is necessary.     
    3 My current activities, are the activities of the university and some activities that I carry out with the SCESI (Sociedad Cientifica de Estudiantes de Sistemas e Informatica), of to promote the use of Free Software and to use tools OpenSource and of evangelizing the use of the operating system distributions Linux, but of preference Ubuntu.     
    5 With regard to the programming languages, I have experience with Haskell in the area of compilers' development using the Tools of the HUT (Haskell Utrecht Tools) and in the part of the Grammar of Attributes using the tool that offers the HUT and using these same tools the part of code generation. Even in the area of compilers that we have in the University we made the lexicographical and syntactic analyzer (Parser) of some parts of programming languages like Java and Haskell  controlling their context conditions.   
    7 With the language Java I have the experience, programming applications of Desk and environments web with J2EE using the Struts in Application Servers as JBoss and Tomcat, using programming IDE's like Eclipse and NetBeans.   
    9 With regard to the Project of "Parsers for various programming languages", this is essential, because to have a complete compiler gives the advantage of being able to thoroughly study all their characteristics and of being able to show forms of optimizing the language.     
    11 The project pretend to increase new parsers for programming languages to its hierarchy of modules, because at the moment this has only Haskell and how I said previously it is quite useful to have available parsers for other languages in order to study them and of proposing solutions to problems that can have and of improving in some way those problems and of being able to show alternatives of optimization of these languages programming