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Implement a better type checker for yhc

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The implementation of type inference in yhc (also used in nhc98) is occasionally incorrect, always difficult to understand and modify, and entirely undocumented. As a result, there is no hope of extending it to deal with multi-parameter type classes, functional dependencies, associated types, GADTs, rank-N, or any of the other exciting and widely-used type-system extensions. The solution - rip it out and replace it completely. There are a few key requirements: it must be maintainable, it must be correct, it must give reasonable error messages. Speed is not a goal.

Ideally, you will also implement one or more of the extensions noted above. There are opportunities to engage with cutting-edge type techniques like constraint-based resolution, or just to go for plain and simple H-M-style.

Interested Mentors

  • Malcolm Wallace <malcolm.wallace@…>

Interested Students

  • Charles Blundell <blundellc@…>
  • Kenn Knowles <kknowles@…>

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Summary: implement a better type checker for yhcImplement a better type checker for yhc

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In 2007 a type-checking library was developed. Having a library to type-check Haskell-programs would be nice. Having it independent of GHC not a bad idea either.

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Too old.

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