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Improvements to the criterion Library

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From Reddit:

I've been using (the excellent) criterion a ton and have a small wishlist of things easily doable in a summer. Mainly around making the reports better, in order from most to least important to me:

  • Replace bar graphs in overview with filled version of the KDE contour plots shown in details section. Or at least error bars, but those I think would be strictly less useful. Maybe one could toggle between different representations.
  • allow dynamic showing/hiding/filtering in summary, so that if you get a really slow benchmark you can hide it and have the scale re-adjust to the others
  • In the KDE plot, use the gray vertical lines to indicate scale by e.g. marking a line every mean / 20 or something. So a KDE plot with lots of vertical gray lines close together indicates we're "zoomed out" and the timings have quite a spread. As is the gray lines don't serve much function (you can mouseover parts of the plot to get a sample)
  • Often I'm testing several different benchmarks against several different alternate implementations. It would be nice to be able to toggle between grouping by benchmark (so that we can compare implementations), and grouping by implementation.
  • fixing some layout issues (e.g. keys overlapping graphs)
  • figure out a way to lighten the dependencies

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I don't know if this is sufficient for a GSOC, but I'm sure other things could be fleshed out as well in conjunction with the author.

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