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IHaskell Projects

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From the reddit thread:

Not sure if this is the sort of thing GSOC is meant for, but if anyone is interested in improving interactive coding in Haskell in IHaskell (useful for graphics, interactive data analysis, etc), I would be happy to help. I've mentored people working on small projects related to IHaskell / contributions to IHaskell, which went well. If anyone is interested, let me know! Potential ideas include:

  • Working on IHaskell proper. This can include some pretty cool things, like perhaps trying to use GHC's type holes to implement context and type driven completion.
  • Working on integrating libraries into the IHaskell ecosystem. Some are fairly easy to integrate, but some are more challenging (and potentially require upstream changes); I personally would like to see diagrams animation support, gloss as a WebGL code generator, and threepenny-gui as a GUI framework integrated into IHaskell.
  • Using IHaskell as a library; this can include implementing a more powerful hint replacement or writing a kernel for another language such as Idris.

And also:

I've mentioned this before, but, which offers sage and ipython notebooks for free also offers terminals, and ghc in those terminals. William Stein, whose site it is, has indicated that if someone were to help him set up IHaskell in sageMathCloud, he would be happy to do so. I like the goals of the SMC project and the IHaskell project both, and together I think it would be huge for IHaskell, since it would remove all the setup cost and hosting cost for sharing, just as it does for IPython notebooks. So I think that would be a very doable SOC project, with a significant immediate payoff.

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Another potential project in this vein is to improve the interactive *widget* story for IHaskell. Specifically, IPython / Jupyter provide the capability to implement Mathematica-style Manipulate and widgets, but IHaskell currently does not take advantage of this at all. One potential project would be to create a library that does so, implementing things like sliders, buttons, etc, that would get rendered in the browser and interact with user code. The frontend for this already exists as part of IPython, so this would be doable in a single summer.

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