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The methylationand so i

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The methylationand so if you lack folic acid you can't properly math late your DNAand so you you you create the problem for a majormistake in the in the growth at this particularchild it'll end up as a birth defect so just to give you a few Kanye West ourinteresting experiments epigenetics at work if youlook Nutra Tosterone at these to mice that are pictured here which ofthese two mice looks healthier to you is there one that looksyou separate glaringly exactly that's prettyglaringly obvious so they did a study specificallyisolating was known as the agouti gene and this dude is actually present inboth mice and humans at think they've actually done a humanstudy with this yet but this gene is present in both mice and humans and I'm methylated so basically with with without thosemetal tags is this a good hygiene is is is whatpredispose people to obesity to cancer diabetes so you want this gene ..

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