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How to build muscle

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I think about it and now I realize number one ugly night you know now like younger then and now that night of absorption man you know there's so much more protein so much when you change that critics or mules my body with Paul now as well so inch you here in like stories not uncommon you know 55 percent America is dealing with got issues were not able to absorb nutrients even if you think you are there's a good chance you're probably not and nothing you talking about torsion is also speed extortion yes all also increases would use yes you talk about the anabolic window your videos yep want to protein insulin spike after the gym actively well what is it like 30 45 we know something like that yeah pretty much night but it was catalog stay where your body needs your doesn't get it and I’ll go ahead mister brakeman your muscles to get the fuel and most guys know that but the problem right now is so what you do is you just go ahead the right way but if your body is low exhorting food equipment tonight UT or equipment eating little bit which used the same result exhorting it in your body doesn't know the difference still breakdown most so what you fix your George you start juicing then you can speed-up the absorption rate as well after you get out at the gym you hit 15to 20 minute mark our teams or more than you normally would so drew what's number two seed three-test really more muscle was number two so faster absorption I would say number twofer me and building muscle is the quality of sleep you know we talk about sleep at large most people are not getting enough sleep I'm not only that but they're not getting enough quality sleep when is a quality sleep I mean RAM deep sleep in when you have a deep sleep it allows your body to produce human growth hormone and that's what you want from us development people are getting up as we age guys for getting around 25-30their HGH kind of polls like a roller coaster did tips so want that's why a lot older guys they saw art from muscle was not that they’re it’s hard muscles is that they're %eh yet the body set up against them at that particular point then you see guys that will take Supplements next 75 years old shred I because they're taking us into an excellent so you can do it much more natural ways well not damage your body law the reason helplessly wanted to bring that too late is that it's loaded with magnesium and magnesium is in a lot of these dark leafy green vegetables and back in the day.

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