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Feb 14, 2012 12:20:31 PM (6 years ago)
Greg Weber

Jasper Van der Jeugt, a GSoC veteran, is willing to mentor on this project which would rely on his websockets library.


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    55I propose we create such a library for Haskell. We have already identified a language-independent design called sockjs. And there is already work under way on wai-sockjs, with good implementations of wai-eventsource and wai-websockets already available.
     7Such a library is a fundamental building block for interactive (real-time) web sites. There is also a use case for embedding a capable Haskell messaging server into a website ran on a slower dynamic language that has poor concurrency, like Ruby (some people embed node.js based messaging servers now). This gives Haskell a back door to getting adopted in other areas.
    79This should be easily achievable in a GSoC. In fact I think the biggest problem may be how to expand the scope of this to fit the summer. The Yesod web framework is now a very good server oriented web framework. A good wai-sockjs implementation could be nicely integrated with Yesod and other frameworks, but it could also be the building block for a great client-side abstraction in which a web page is automatically kept up to date in "real-time".