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#1555 Embedded Haskell: calling Haskell from other languages proposed-project Mar 20, 2008

The Haskell FFI, and in particular, GHC, supports "foreign export" of Haskell code to C, and embedding Haskell modules inside C apps. However, this functionality is rarely used, and requires a fair bit of manual effort.

This project would seek to simplify, polish and document the process of embedding and calling Haskell code from C, and languages that use the C ffi (Python, Erlang, C++ ...), providing a canned solution for running Haskell fragments from projects written in other languages.

A good solution here has great potential to help Haskell adoption (as we've seen in Lua), by mitigating the risk of using Haskell in a project.

Related organisations

Depending on the language, we may be able to move this under another language umbrella (Python, Perl, Ruby, ... ?)

Interested mentors

  • Don Stewart

Interested students

  • Ben Kalman
  • Wojciech Cichon
  • Damien Desfontaines

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