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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Topic
#50 Visual Haskell new none proposed-project bad misc
#51 XMPP (aka Jabber) bindings for Haskell new none proposed-project misc
#69 Implement a model checker new none proposed-project misc
#1113 New I/O library (async I/O+unicode filenames+filesystem manipulations+...) new Bulat proposed-project misc
#1118 Debian package autobuilder for hackage packages new none proposed-project misc
#1126 MIME library new none proposed-project misc
#1127 Machine learning library new none proposed-project OK misc
#1540 Debugger for Attribute Grammar using Haskell new Yogesh Mali proposed-project misc
#1541 Type-level programming library new proposed-project bad misc
#1556 Further Parsec Improvements new proposed-project OK misc
#1583 Language.C enhancements new proposed-project OK misc
#1596 A statistics library and environment new proposed-project OK misc
#1600 Mathematical environment in Haskell new proposed-project OK misc
#1601 Library for the Arduino platform new proposed-project OK misc
#1605 A universal data store interface. new proposed-project OK misc
#1607 Haskell for the "real-time web" new proposed-project OK misc
#1608 Implement 2-3 concurrent data structures from the literature new Ryan Newton proposed-project good misc
#1611 Solve cabal dependency hell new proposed-project OK misc
#1613 Haiku support new proposed-project OK misc
#1614 Replicating backend for AcidState. new proposed-project good misc
#1616 Implement Cabal<->OS package management systems relations new proposed-project OK misc
#1619 Tweak memory-reuse analysis tools for GHC compatibility new proposed-project good misc
#1657 Switch cabal to use an off-the-shelf SAT-solver/theorem prover for solving version constraints new proposed-project good misc
#1660 Rewrite the Pandoc Markdown Parser new proposed-project good misc
#1664 IHaskell Projects new proposed-project good misc
#1665 HBlas Projects / FFI Numerics Bindings new proposed-project good misc
#1666 Better Hackage UI / Discoverability new proposed-project good misc
#1667 Improvements to the criterion Library new proposed-project not yet rated misc
#1668 Module Import Improvements new proposed-project good misc
#1669 (not so) Silly shape-dependent representation tricks new proposed-project not yet rated misc
#1670 Haddock Improvements new proposed-project good misc
#1673 Out-of-process Template Haskell new proposed-project good misc
#1679 new in progress OK misc
#1680 new in progress OK misc
#1681 Develop cross platform mobile applications using GHCJS/GHC new proposed-project good misc
#1697 client server libraries new proposed-project not yet rated misc
#1698 Traversable instance for `vector` new proposed-project not yet rated misc
#1699 Verify base using Liquid Haskell to ensure totality of functions new proposed-project not yet rated misc
#19 Continuations-based DSL on top of HAppS new none proposed-project Web Development
#53 Tie HAppS with SQL databases new none proposed-project Web Development
#1120 XML Schema implementation new none proposed-project OK Web Development
#1621 Snap: Implement type-safe URL support for the Snap Web Framework new mightybyte proposed-project OK Web Development
#1671 PureScript Improvements new proposed-project good Web Development
#1104 GuiHaskell, to superceed WinHugs new none proposed-project Tools
#1111 Bring Hat tracing back to life new none proposed-project OK Tools
#1599 Improve several areas of EclipseFP new proposed-project OK Tools
#1604 Embedding Haskell in C++: The FFI upside-down new proposed-project OK Tools
#1610 Cabal support for the UHC JavaScript backend new proposed-project good Tools
#1654 Make the GHC performance monitoring build bot production ready new proposed-project good Tools
#1675 A substitution stepper new Freinn proposed-project not yet rated Tools
#76 Darcs project management web application new none proposed-project Systems
#78 Graphical type analysis new none proposed-project Systems
#1548 xmonad: compositing support new proposed-project OK Systems
#1117 SNMP MIB compiler using Parsec new none proposed-project Networking
#43 JHC Hacking new none proposed-project JHC
#1108 .NET CLR back end for jhc new none proposed-project JHC
#55 Improvements to the INBlobs tool developed at U. Minho new none proposed-project Graphics
#77 3D GUI system and widget library new none proposed-project Graphics
#1550 wxHaskell improvements new proposed-project OK Graphics
#1597 Platform neutral GUI leading to ... hackage 3 new proposed-project OK Graphics
#1672 Improve Nomyx new proposed-project bad Games
#70 integrate searchpath and ghc new none proposed-project GHC
#1114 Sandboxed Haskell new none proposed-project OK GHC
#1582 LLVM optimisation passes / tables next to code new proposed-project good GHC
#1584 ThreadScope with custom probes. new proposed-project good GHC
#1585 Combine Threadscope with Heap Profiling Tools new proposed-project good GHC
#1618 Add NUMA-supporting features to GHC new proposed-project good GHC
#1622 General FFI improvements new julek proposed-project not yet rated GHC
#1656 Make parallel builds in GHC actually give speed-ups new proposed-project OK GHC
#1658 Better tooling for profiling and performance monitoring new proposed-project good GHC
#1661 Improve performance of native code new proposed-project not yet rated GHC
#1662 Improve documentation and examples in GHC's base new proposed-project bad GHC
#1696 "light" GHC version for faster builds new proposed-project not yet rated GHC
#33 Port HaskellDB to HList new none proposed-project Databases
#35 Add support for optimization features in HaskellDB new none proposed-project Databases
#80 BSPHlib - A parallel programming library based on BSP model new none proposed-project Concurrency
#1537 Add NVIDIA CUDA backend for Data Parallel Haskell new proposed-project bad Concurrency
#1544 Parallel programming benchmarking and benchmark suite new proposed-project OK Concurrency
#1602 Supply dependencies for non-simple cabal build types (eg, Setup.hs) new proposed-project good Cabal
#1652 Generalize cabal to work with collections of packages instead of having a single package focus new proposed-project good Cabal
#1653 PVP compliance checker new proposed-project OK Cabal
#1655 Have GHC track the different library "ways" it has installed new proposed-project OK Cabal
#1659 Treat each .cabal component separately during dependency solving new proposed-project good Cabal
#28 Bioinformatics tools new none proposed-project Bioinformatics
#1121 bio library development new none proposed-project Bioinformatics
#25 GSL Binding assigned alexey.kokovin proposed-project Bindings
#72 GStreamer bindings new none proposed-project Bindings
#1103 COM interop library and IDL compiler for Haskell new none proposed-project Bindings
#1116 Haskell Qt binding generator new none proposed-project OK Bindings
#1547 FFI bridge to Python new proposed-project OK Bindings
#1555 Embedded Haskell: calling Haskell from other languages assigned Mad Troll proposed-project OK Bindings
#1564 C Bindings to Haskell Values new Eric Polino proposed-project OK Bindings
#1591 GObject Introspection based static binding generator for Gtk2hs new proposed-project OK Bindings
#1592 C++ -> Haskell FFI Generator using SWIG new proposed-project good Bindings
#1598 Improve/rewrite HDBC backends new proposed-project good Bindings
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