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#1429 fixed Hoogle 4 none neil

Write Hoogle 4 and turn it into a front end for Hackage.

I'd like to do this myself, as a student. For a standard student, this is probably way too much work to do in a summer.

-- Neil

Interested Mentors

  • Duncan Coutts

Interested Students

  • Neil Mitchell
#1535 fixed A data parallel physics engine Roman Leshchinskiy

The goal is to implement a high-performance, parallel physics engine using Data Parallel Haskell. Nested data parallelism is a powerful programming model for parallel applications. Although still in its infancy, the implementation of NDP in GHC is now sufficiently mature to support fairly complex algorithms. A physics engine would be an ideal case study and testbed for DPH and would be immensely helpful for its further development. It would also allow Haskell to be used in new application areas: physics simulations, virtual reality environments, games (such as Frag) etc.

This project should not only be highly motivating for interested students, but also benefits the community in the following ways:

  1. Physics engines are an important building block for a range of interesting applications that profit from Haskell's high level programming model - this includes physical simulations, virtual reality, educational software, visualisation software.
  1. The strong industry push towards multicore processors provides a new motivation for strict control of side effects. This is a great opportunity for functional languages and a strong and interesting case study would be very helpful in this domain.
  1. It would significantly accelerate the implementation of the widely anticipated support for nested data parallelism in Haskell.

Interested Mentors

  • Roman Leshchinskiy <rl@…>
  • Manuel Chakravarty <chak@…>

Interested Students

  • Roman Cheplyaka <roma@…>
#1539 fixed A Haskell Server Pages case study Niklas Broberg

Haskell Server Pages (HSP) is a framework for writing dynamic web pages, with support for both server-side and client-side pages, including Ajax functionality. One of the key features is support for literal XML syntax in Haskell source code.

Currently, HSP is very much bare bones and little fluff. All the basic machinery is in place, but has only been tested for small toy examples. What we need is a larger application written in HSP, for instance a wiki engine, blog engine, web forum etc. By this we hope to stress test the core functionality, but also gain a better understanding of what "fluff" is needed on top of the bare bones. In terms of output, that could mean (suggestions for) libraries to work on top of the HSP core, for instance a library for user handling (logins and passwords, sessions etc).

This project could likely be combined to good effect with the project for integrating HSP with HAppS.

Interested Mentors

  • Niklas Broberg <nibro@…>

Interested Students

  • David Nuñez <danm@…,davidnunez@…>
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