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#1119 fixed Generalising Parsec to ParsecT with arbitrary input streams PhilippaCowderoy

Parsec is Haskell's premier parsing library, Currently, Parsec only takes input in the form of a list of tokens - this can make it difficult to integrate it with a fast IO system such as one based on ByteString. Additionally, Parsec is only available as a monad rather than a monad transformer - users can't do IO or perform other computations to generate results.

To remedy this:

  • Generalise Parsec to work on some typeclass for streams
  • Further generalise it to ParsecT (with support for streams that're computations in the underlying monad as well)
  • If time is available:
    • do specialisation work on [] and ByteString
    • perhaps explore using custom tokens and streams for binary parsing (perhaps a seek primitive?).

Interested Mentors

  • Philippa Cowderoy <flippa@…>

Interested Students

#1130 fixed Make the IO/Handle system encoding aware. none sjanssen

Make the IO/Handle system encoding aware.

The IO system in the base library has no concept of character encodings. Because of this, many Haskell programs resort to custom made hacks to perform input and output (like the UTF8.lhs module in half a dozen projects).

The goals of this project:

  • Extend Handles with encoding information.
  • Make the standard IO functions use this encoding information to interpret the raw IO stream as Haskell Strings and Chars.
  • Implement a few encodings (UTF-8, Latin1, etc.)

Interested Mentors

  • Kido Takahiro (shelarcy) <shelarcy@…>
  • Simon Marlow <simonmarhaskell@…>

Interested Students

  • Spencer Janssen (sjanssen) <sjanssen@…>
  • Brandon Wilson (xelxebar) <bmw.stx@…>
#1131 fixed Implement Cabal configurations bringert

The project is to implement Cabal configurations. See Configurations proposal, take n.

Interested Students

  • Riccardo Cagnasso <s2860398@…>
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