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#67 fixed LLVM Binding none alcremi@…

LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) is a fast-evolving, well maintained, free, compilation infrastructure. The input is "a low-level object code representation that uses simple RISC-like instructions, but provides rich, language-independent, type information and dataflow (SSA) information about operands". Many optimizations passes can be trigerred. LLVM is used by the PyPy? project as one of its back-end. Such a back-end for haskell compilers could be a way to use the manpower invested in LLVM, which is not available for the other haskell compiler back-ends (C-- for instance)

Note that there already is a llvm package on hackage. This project should try to extend this with missing functionality.

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Interested Students

  • (2007) Marek Materzok (tilk) <marek.materzok@…>
  • (2007) Soenke Hahn <shahn@…>
#75 fixed Implement STM Haskell for user-space micro-threads none Ed Wesley Wells

Following the work of the "Composable Memory Transactions" [1] team of implementing STM Haskell on top of Concurrent Haskell [2] threads, I would like to implement a version of STM Haskell on top of user-space micro-threads. The main goal would be to ease the development of user-space micro-thread synchronization primitives that do not depend upon Concurrent Haskell primitives or the underlying language runtime and operating system. This allows the new STM Haskell to be authored in pure Haskell for user-space micro-thread programs. The micro-threading model will be based on either Resumption Monad Transformers [3] or the CPS Monad [4], with the current bias to the former. Target applications are network servers, operating systems (e.g., House [5]), computer games, and graphical user interfaces. With luck, benchmarking will be performed with a non-trivial application.

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Interested Mentors

  • ?

Interested Students

  • Ed Wesley Wells <wellsed@…>
  • Ivan Tarasov (navi) <Ivan.Tarasov@…>
#1112 fixed A lightweight web framework none dmhouse@…

It'd be great to have a lightweight web framework like Rails that makes creating web apps simple. My suggestion would be to fork HAppS (since that's already an established platform, which has been fine-tuned for speed), get rid of most of the useless stuff in HAppS.Protocols.*, and add some generics for dealing with deletion of objects and so on.

Interested Students

  • David House <dmhouse@…> -- I don't think I explained this project very well so I'm writing up a proposal which should contain more details.
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