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#1562 fixed darcs-based wiki engine davidlazar

A darcs-driven wiki engine.

  • All wiki pages are in a darcs repository.
  • Edits can be made through a web browser or directly to the darcs repository.
  • Create a web interface (HAppS?) to add and edit pages and perform other darcs tasks.
  • Possibly replace MediaWiki on

Interested Mentors

  • ?

Interested Students

  • David Lazar (davidL) <david@…>
#1574 wontfix Haskell IMAP Library or Email Client ddvlad

Haskell lacks libraries for interacting with email. An IMAP library or even a full email client (with the decision between them being left to a mentor) would be an ideal project for Summer of Code.

Interested Mentors

Interested Students

Vlad Dogaru <ddvlad*REMOVETHIS*@…>

Possibly Related Work

Implementing IMAP was part of Haskellnet (uncompleted SoC project for 2006)

Several posts on

#1122 wontfix HTTP Library Replacement none desp

Provide a replacement library for the HTTP package, addressing key concerns voiced about the current implementation.

The replacement should offer marked improvement in several areas, including:

  • Convenient interfaces, suitable for both simple and complicated HTTP clients;
  • Familiar error reporting mechanisms;
  • Solid back-end.
  • Liberal usage of ByteString, for great speedup.

Interested Mentors

Interested Students

  • Stephen Dolan <stedolan@…>
  • Brandon Wilson <bmw.stx@…>

Related work

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