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#1115 duplicate A Replacement for GNU Make using Haskell none ahanwadi@…

See Learning Haskell for initial background.

GNU Make is a rule based system generally used to build software. It has its own language for specifying rules on how to remake targets that are out of date with their dependencies. By developing an domain-specific embedded language (DSEL) in Haskell for make, users get the advantage of full functional language.

Interested Students

  • Kenn Knowles <kknowles@…>
#1638 fixed Plot manipulation alanoth alanoth

Mathematica provides a good interface for plotting graphs and then to manipulate the constants and get real-time changes in the plot.

The project would involve adding such facilities to the plot library, and then (if possible) creating a sample app to demonstrate these features.

How it helps: As there are no free alternatives to mathematica, this feature which can be very beneficial for mathematical analysis is still not available for free. Such an application will aid mathematical analysis and help students and professionals all over the world.

NOTE: I am interested in doing this project and would like for someone experienced to provide difficulty estimates. Also, it would be nice to know if there is anyone willing to mentor this project.

#67 fixed LLVM Binding none alcremi@…

LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) is a fast-evolving, well maintained, free, compilation infrastructure. The input is "a low-level object code representation that uses simple RISC-like instructions, but provides rich, language-independent, type information and dataflow (SSA) information about operands". Many optimizations passes can be trigerred. LLVM is used by the PyPy? project as one of its back-end. Such a back-end for haskell compilers could be a way to use the manpower invested in LLVM, which is not available for the other haskell compiler back-ends (C-- for instance)

Note that there already is a llvm package on hackage. This project should try to extend this with missing functionality.

Interested Mentors

Interested Students

  • (2007) Marek Materzok (tilk) <marek.materzok@…>
  • (2007) Soenke Hahn <shahn@…>
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