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#6 fixed GHC - debugging tools none paolo

Breakpoints and object viewing were done by Pepe Iborra last year. Bernie Pope is currently improving on what Pepe has done, and no doubt there will be more to do after Bernie's internship at Microsoft is over (although exactly what is not clear yet).

Interested Mentors

  • Simon Marlow <simonmar@…>

Interested Students

  • ?
#12 fixed Data.ByteString - Unicode layer over Data.ByteString none paolo

Extend the Data.ByteString interface to support Unicode.

This might be implemented by a UnicodeString layer above ByteString, tagged with encodings of underlying fragments. Other strategies are also possible.

For added bonus, hook one or more of libiconv, librecord, libicu and unify them under ByteString interfaces.

Interested Mentors

  • Don Stewart <dons@…>
  • Audrey Tang <audreyt@…>

Interested Students

  • Spencer Janssen <sjanssen@…>
#16 fixed GTK / GNOME related projects none paolo

I'd be happy to accept projects in this area. Last year I was unofficial mentor to Paolo who did the cairo bindings. (Feel free to add more ideas here or I might do as I think of them.)

Project ideas

Interested Mentors

  • Duncan Coutts (dcoutts) <duncan.coutts@…>

Interested Students

  • Ivan Tarasov (navi) <Ivan.Tarasov@…>
  • Peter Kovaliov (pierre-) <pierre@…>
  • Will Farrington <wcfarrington@…>
  • Eric Polino <aluink@…>
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