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#1562 fixed darcs-based wiki engine davidlazar

A darcs-driven wiki engine.

  • All wiki pages are in a darcs repository.
  • Edits can be made through a web browser or directly to the darcs repository.
  • Create a web interface (HAppS?) to add and edit pages and perform other darcs tasks.
  • Possibly replace MediaWiki on

Interested Mentors

  • ?

Interested Students

  • David Lazar (davidL) <david@…>
#1565 fixed Build a package API tool simonmar

We need a tool that does the following:

It could be built on top of the GHC API fairly easily. This would make a great SoC project, I think - it has few dependencies, and if the student finishes the basic functionality early, there's lots more that could be added to it, for example Cabal/Hackage? integration.

This is a very useful project from the point of view of making Hackage more robust. More packages following the PVP and correctly specified dependencies will mean much more reliable package management for the whole Haskell community.

There is an existing tool that could serve as a basis for the project:

It appears to have seen no new development since it was posted in Nov 2009.

A relevant ticket in Haddock:

In general it would be good to consider what other projects need in this area, for example Hoogle, and see whether any universally useful infrastructure could be built.

Interested Mentors

  • Simon Marlow
  • Duncan Coutts (adviser / co-mentor)

Interested Students

  • Patai Gergely (patai /at/
  • Tim Horton (tmhorton@…)
#1567 fixed Haddock: allow documentation to propagate between packages simonmar

Haddock is not able to document entities that are re-exported from a module in another pacakge. This has been a long-standing problem with Haddock, and is the reason that some of our documentation looks a bit strange (e.g. the List module).

In order to fix this, we need to serialise declarations and documentation in Haddock's .haddock files. A lot of binary instances need to be written.

This project probably won't take the whole 3 months on its own, so the student could combine it with one or more of the other Haddock projects (eg. #1568, #1569)

Here's the Haddock ticket:

Interested Mentors

  • David Waern
  • Simon Marlow
  • Duncan Coutts (co-mentor)

Interested Students

  • Isaac Dupree <id@…>
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