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#1575 wontfix Rewrite xmonad in Java Feuerbach Feuerbach

There are many problems with first-class functions -- they cannot be compared for equality, serialized etc. This makes a lot of inconveniences for xmonad developers, some of these problems were discussed on the mailing list recently. I think the most obvious solution is to rewrite xmonad in a language which does not support first-order functions. Although it's not trivial to find such language, I think I did -- something called Java.

Now, you ask, why do I propose this project for Well, there's no such mentoring organization as (or even Besides, there's apparent profit for the Haskell community. It is well-known that xmonad serves as the source of many new Haskellers. First they search for a usable window manager, then they find one and must learn a whole language to configure it, then they like the language and start use it. Surely this doesn't help avoiding success at all cost.

xmonad users will also benefit from such rewrite. I haven't decided yet whether new xmonad config will be in Java itself or in XML. In the first case, we have an ability to use a lot of design patterns there, which makes it easier for users to get familiar with configuration (because, you know, today everyone knows design patterns). In the second case we don't need a Java compiler to be installed, and since XML is standard there are many editors there which make XML editing easy and straightforward. But in either case it will be more readable than current conglomeration of combinators.

Finally, I don't think we need that frightening name "xmonad" any more. How about "xfactoryfactory"?

#14 wontfix create the industrial "hello world" application, nightly builds, unit tests, etc. andrea ijones

Many projects evolve from a single file to a much more complex structure. We could create an example "hello world" project with all the features that industrial projects need, in order to get folks onto the right track and make Haskell more attractive to industrial users. Some features:

  1. a build system (cabal)
  2. breakdown of libraries /packages and executables
    1. how to add new packages easily
  3. tests
    1. quick check tests
    2. hunit tests
    3. an easy way to run all tests and report results
  4. nightly build infrastructre, example cron jobs, or set it up on a qemu or xen system
    1. publish results of tests and nighly builds to a web page (use a wiki?)
  5. if the project has a 'trac' wiki page, link in with that
    1. quality-assurance page that links in test suite reports w/ open bugs, etc.
    2. (publish results here)

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#79 invalid BSPHlib - A parallel programming library based on BSP model ffranzosi ffranzosi

Implementation of a different aproach to parallel programming in Haskell, based on BSP model and using the MPI library for message passing, instead of PVM. The great advantage of this aproach is that the BSP model have an easy efficiency prediction.

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