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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Created
#1661 Improve performance of native code new proposed-project not yet rated 8 days
#1582 LLVM optimisation passes / tables next to code new proposed-project good 5 years
#1584 ThreadScope with custom probes. new proposed-project good 5 years
#1585 Combine Threadscope with Heap Profiling Tools new proposed-project good 5 years
#1593 GHC Cross Compiler new proposed-project good 4 years
#1618 Add NUMA-supporting features to GHC new proposed-project good 3 years
#1622 General FFI improvements new julek proposed-project good 3 years
#1658 Better tooling for profiling and performance monitoring new proposed-project good 11 days
#1114 Sandboxed Haskell new none proposed-project OK 8 years
#1656 Make parallel builds in GHC actually give speed-ups new proposed-project OK 11 days
#1662 Improve documentation and examples in GHC's base new proposed-project bad 8 days
#70 integrate searchpath and ghc new none proposed-project 9 years
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