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#25 GSL Binding assigned alexey.kokovin proposed-project 11 years ago
#72 GStreamer bindings new none proposed-project 11 years ago
#1103 COM interop library and IDL compiler for Haskell new none proposed-project 10 years ago
#1116 Haskell Qt binding generator new none proposed-project OK 10 years ago
#1547 FFI bridge to Python new proposed-project OK 9 years ago
#1555 Embedded Haskell: calling Haskell from other languages assigned Mad Troll proposed-project OK 9 years ago
#1564 C Bindings to Haskell Values new Eric Polino proposed-project OK 8 years ago
#1591 GObject Introspection based static binding generator for Gtk2hs new proposed-project OK 6 years ago
#1592 C++ -> Haskell FFI Generator using SWIG new proposed-project good 6 years ago
#1598 Improve/rewrite HDBC backends new proposed-project good 6 years ago
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