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#1675 A substitution stepper substitution stepper expressions lambda calculus new freinn proposed-project not yet rated
#1660 Rewrite the Pandoc Markdown Parser pandoc new proposed-project good
#1616 Implement Cabal<->OS package management systems relations cabal, pkg-config, usability new proposed-project OK
#1608 Implement 2-3 concurrent data structures from the literature concurrency, data structures new rrnewton proposed-project good
#1604 Embedding Haskell in C++: The FFI upside-down embed haskell c++ ffi new proposed-project OK
#1598 Improve/rewrite HDBC backends hdbc, bindings new proposed-project good
#1596 A statistics library and environment statistics new proposed-project OK
#1592 C++ -> Haskell FFI Generator using SWIG c++ new proposed-project good
#1564 C Bindings to Haskell Values C bindings new aluink proposed-project OK
#1556 Further Parsec Improvements Parsec new proposed-project OK
#1537 Add NVIDIA CUDA backend for Data Parallel Haskell CUDA, Data Parallel Haskell, Concurrency new proposed-project bad
#55 Improvements to the INBlobs tool developed at U. Minho Interaction Net interpreter new none proposed-project
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