Jan 16, 2006:

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a little more explanation (diff)
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summarize discussion (diff)

Jan 14, 2006:

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1:09 AM TimeLine created by ijones
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Jan 13, 2006:

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Jan 12, 2006:

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some clarifications in response to JohnGoerzen?'s comments (diff)
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Jan 11, 2006:

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Jan 9, 2006:

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trim repetitions (diff)

Jan 8, 2006:

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Jan 7, 2006:

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Jan 6, 2006:

11:43 PM PublicMissionStatement created by ijones
11:42 PM Ticket #75 (create public mission statement) created by ijones
Resolution: Just added intro to the MissionStatement. See …
11:10 PM Ticket #46 (double check that all MinorFixes are listed as proposals, and minor) closed by ijones
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some details (diff)

Jan 4, 2006:

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minor rewording (diff)

Dec 23, 2005:

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Dec 21, 2005:

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get rid of newlineafterequals page until a more precise proposal surfaces (diff)

Dec 20, 2005:

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Reflect my official name change here, too (diff)
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Polish the BinaryIO story (diff)

Dec 19, 2005:

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typo (diff)
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Some more points on concurrency (diff)

Dec 18, 2005:

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Dec 17, 2005:

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Expand on binary IO (diff)
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1:38 AM Concurrency created by ijones
1:33 AM Ticket #74 (add some kind of concurrency) created by ijones
Concurrency seems vital to modern applications.
1:11 AM WikiStart edited by ijones
1:01 AM Ticket #73 (add views) created by ijones
see Views.
12:59 AM Ticket #72 (Make underscore 'caseless') created by ijones
see Underscore.
12:58 AM Ticket #71 (Allow Undecidable Instances) created by ijones
see UndecidableInstances.
12:57 AM Ticket #70 (allow TypeSynonymInstances) created by ijones
see TypeSynonymInstances.
12:55 AM Ticket #69 (allow tuple sections) created by ijones
see TupleSections.
12:54 AM Ticket #68 (Eliminate tabs) created by ijones
see Tabs.
12:51 AM Ticket #67 (add Scoped Type Variables) created by ijones
see ScopedTypeVariables.
12:50 AM Ticket #66 (make sure removal candidates are added as proposals) created by ijones
see RemovalCandidates.
12:50 AM Ticket #65 (RelaxedDependencyAnalysis) created by ijones
see RelaxedDependencyAnalysis.
12:48 AM Ticket #64 (add recursive do syntax) created by ijones
see RecursiveDo.
12:47 AM Ticket #63 ("Informal Semantics of Pattern Matching", is a bit vague on matching ...) created by ijones
should we delete this page: RecordPatternMatching?
12:44 AM Ticket #62 (allow data consructors to be exported and imported readonly) created by ijones
see ReadonlyConstructors
12:41 AM Ticket #61 (replace the Read class) created by ijones
see ReadClass.
12:41 AM Ticket #60 (add RankNTypes or Rank2Types) created by ijones
See: * Rank2Types * RankNTypes One is needed; we need to …
12:37 AM Ticket #59 (Fix the lexical syntax for qualified identifiers) created by ijones
see QualifiedIdentifiers.
12:36 AM QualifiedIdentifiers edited by ijones
12:35 AM Ticket #58 (prelude re-organisation proposal) created by ijones
see the concrete proposal at the bottom of this page: Prelude. See …
12:34 AM Ticket #57 (add polymorphic components) created by ijones
see PolymorphicComponents.
12:33 AM Ticket #56 (PatternGuards) created by ijones
Add "Pattern Guards". See PatternGuards.
12:32 AM Ticket #55 (add Parallel List comprehensions) created by ijones
see ParallelListComp.
12:31 AM Ticket #54 (add overlapping or incoherent instances) created by ijones
see OverlappingInstances and IncoherentInstances.
12:22 AM Ticket #53 (Nondecreasing Indentation) created by ijones
see NondecreasingIndentation.
12:21 AM Ticket #52 (Generalised deriving for newtype) created by ijones
see NewtypeDeriving.
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