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    11Write an announcement about the task of the Haskell' committee.  First must agree on basic scope issues and adopt a MissionStatement. 
     3== Draft Announcement == 
     4Haskell': Committee for the next Haskell standard formed 
     6let haskell' = succ haskell98 in 
     8Announcing the Haskell' Committee.  A few weeks ago, I asked for 
     9volunteers to help form a committee for an effort to put together the 
     10next Haskell standard.  Our task is broadly defined by our mission 
     13    Haskell' will be a conservative refinement of Haskell 98. It will 
     14    be the work of this committee to adopt a set of language 
     15    extensions and modifications and to standardize a new set of 
     16    libraries. 
     18    We will strive to only include tried-and-true language 
     19    features. This standard will reflect the realities of developing 
     20    practical applications in the Haskell language. We will work 
     21    closely with the rest of the Haskell community to create this 
     22    standard. 
     24 FIX: INSERT final MissionStatement 
     26 FIX: INSERT More specifics of scope 
     28Your Haskell' Committee is as follows (slightly munged email addresses 
     31 * John Launchbury <john _at_> 
     32 * Isaac Jones <ijones _at_ 
     33 * Autrijus Tang <autrijus _at_> 
     34 * John Meacham <john _at_> 
     35 * Henrik Nilsson <nhn _at_> 
     36 * Simon Peyton-Jones <simonpj _at_> 
     37 * Ravi Nanavati <ravi _at_> 
     38 * John Goerzen <jgoerzen _at_> 
     39 * Ross Paterson <ross _at_> 
     40 * Manuel M T Chakravarty <chak _at_> 
     41 * Malcolm Wallace <Malcolm.Wallace _at_> 
     42 * Bastiaan Heeren <bastiaan _at_> 
     43 * Simon Marlow" <simonmar _at_> 
     44 * Andres Loeh <loeh _at_> 
     45 * Don Stewart <dons _at_> 
     46 * Stephanie Weirich <sweirich _at_> 
     47 * S.J.Thompson <S.J.Thompson _at_> 
     49The editors are Isaac Jones and John Launchbury. 
     51The following resources are provided for the community and the 
     52committee to perform this work. 
     54 * The Haskell-cafe mailing list for public technical discussion: 
     57 * A Haskell' mailing list, which is read-only for the public, but 
     58   anyone can subscribe to read it, and anyone can access the 
     59   archives.  This is only to keep list traffic manageable for the 
     60   committee.  Many committee members read haskell-cafe, and Isaac 
     61   will be sure to bring issues from the list to the committee where 
     62   appropriate.  You can always email a committee member if you want 
     63   to bring up an issue or make a proposal.  If you post to the 
     64   mailing list, it'll be held for moderation, and Isaac may allow it 
     65   through. 
     67 * A wiki / issue tracking system.  This system is publicly readable, 
     68   but again, only committee writable.  This is actually just in order 
     69   to keep spam off of the wiki.  If you want an account, please email 
     70   Isaac Jones <[email protected]>. 
     72   FIX: See [ticket:12 ticket on wiki guidlines]. 
     74 * A darcs code repository for experiments, proposed libraries,and 
     75   complex examples.  darcs is a decentralized system, so anyone can use 
     76   it, but patches should be sent to Isaac Jones.