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    11See ExistingRecords.  Create specific proposals for this. 
     3Here's a proposal from David Roundy (found on Haskell mailing list): 
     5I'd like to humbly submit a conservative proposal for changes to the 
     6records mechanism for Haskell '06.  The plan for Haskell '06 (to the 
     8that there is one) is to make it a conservative modification of Haskell 
     998, which is a good idea.  As such, I don't think features should be 
     11to the language that haven't been both implemented and tested, and the 
     12problem with the whole records problem is that pretty much every 
     14improvement is *not* backwards-compatible with Haskell 98, and therefore 
     15hasn't been either implemented or tried out. 
     17My idea is to make a small change, which will also not be 
     18backwards-compatible with Haskell 98, but will *almost* be, and will be 
     19hopefully forward-compatible with most complete solutions.  At a 
     21the proposed change will allow the prototyping of real solutions as a 
     22non-invasive preprocessor a la DrIFT. 
     24My proposal is simply to remove the automatic declaration of accessor 
     25functions.  In Haskell 98, 
     28data FooBar = Foo { foo :: Int } | FooBar = { foo :: Int, bar :: Int } 
     31desugars to something like 
     33data FooBar = Foo Int | FooBar Int Int 
     35foo :: FooBar -> Int 
     36foo (Foo f) = f 
     37foo (FooBar f _) = f 
     38bar :: FooBar -> Int 
     39bar (Foo _) = error "bad Foo" 
     40bar (FooBar _ b) = b 
     42plus additional sugar for constructors and pattern matching.  I would 
     44the sugar for constructors and pattern matching in place, but remove the 
     45automatic declaration of functions "foo" and "bar". 
     47This change "solves" the problem that different records in a single 
     48namespace cannot share field names in a simple manner.  In order to 
     50the writing of records code with is both valid Haskell 98 and valid 
     52'06, I'd suggest a pragma that causes the Haskell '06 compiler to 
     54the accessor functions.  It's a bit ugly, but seems best to me.  An 
     55alternative would be a standard TH function to do the same, but I don't 
     56know if TH is going to be included in Haskell '06. 
     58This change may look like a step backwards (which it is), but I think 
     60it would allow significant steps forward. 
     63One open question (in my mind) would be whether we'd allow 
     65data Foo = FooInt { foo :: Int } | FooChar { foo :: Char } 
     67In the "new" system, there's no reason this need be illegal.