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#11 fixed initiate discussion on refining scope of committee ijones ijones

Currently we are brainstorming but we will soon need to start to narrow the scope. Open tickets related to that are listed under the "Scope Defined" milestone. Here are some suggestions from Henrik about how to have this discussion:

... Here are some concrete points that could be discussed:

  1. What should the time frame for the Haskell' effort be?
  2. Who are the users, what are their perceived needs, and how do we prioritize?
  3. Informed by 1 and 2, is Haskell' mainly a consolidation effort, or should the scope be wider?
  4. Informed by all of the above, is it possible to agree on some basic criteria that extensions and changes would have to meet in order to somewhat bound the size of the part of the design space that needs to be explored?
#6 wontfix release of compilers with HaskellPrime mode somebody ijones

Such a compiler will implement all of the extensions and include the libraries.

May break this tickets into sub-tickets for each compiler.

#83 fixed update CreateProposal to include general guidelines ijones ijones

see CreateProposal. Include guidelines for the community making tickets. My related email below:

| -= Some Guidelines =-
| Use the mailing list for _discussion_ and to reach a consensus.  Use
| the tickets to _document_ the consensus as a proposal.  You may want
| to post the wiki page you create back to the thread so that the thread
| participants can review and edit it.  If you get no support on the
| mailing list for an idea, please think twice about whether or not to
| create a ticket for it.
| It is just fine to have conflicting points of view in a ticket, but no
| back-and-forth discussion (use the mailing list for that).  Create
| "pros" and "cons" sections in the ticket.  Edit the ticket rather than
| adding "comments".  Link this ticket with wiki pages or other tickets
| which are related, or for which this is a counter-proposal.
| Be sure to set the "component" field as "Proposal" and leave the Adopt
| field alone.
| -= Example =-
| So for instance, there's a proposal that we modify the comment syntax.
| After some time for discussion on the list, Thomas (cc'd) should
| create a new ticket if he still believes in his suggestion.  The
| ticket should have component:proposal. The pros are that it's going to
| be simpler for students, more consistent with the block comment
| syntax, and easier to implement in editors.  The cons are that we lose
| a group of possible operators, --> for instance, and this in turn may
| cause some code to break.
| Put your email address on the tickets so we know who to ask if we have
| any questions.
| To create a ticket, go to the wiki and log in.  The user name is guest
| and the password is haskell'.  If you think you'll be doing a lot of
| ticket work, email me for a guest account so that your name will
| automatically appear on the changes.
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