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Bug squashing at ZuriHac2014

Joachim (nomeata) wants to run a small bugsquashing sprint at ZuriHac 2014.


You should bring some Haskell experience and be confident reading other people’s Haskell code. You do not need to know all the latest fancy type hackery – GHC itself is written in quite plain Haskell. Some knowledge of git is also useful.

Obviously, you need a machine to work on. The more core it has, the less you’ll have to wait.


If you want to join in, you can come prepared:

  • Read through Newcomers
  • Get an account on this trac.
  • Make sure that you have built GHC once yourself.
  • Your changes need to be validated. So make sure you validated GHC once. I suggest to have a second working copy of GHC that you only use to validate. There is a section explaining how to do this.
  • Fork ghc on github (or otherwise publish a fork of the GHC repo) for easier collaboration during the hackathon.

Optional tips

If you have a strong remote machine with lots of cores, you can have the validate tree remotely.

For more convenient validation, especially if the validate repository is remotely, I (Joachim) have a script that waits for a new branch calls validate/foo, then validates it cleanly and either moves it to validated/foo or broken/foo. If you want to set up that as well, fetch the script from my ghc-devscripts repository.

Possible tickets

This is a list of tickets that might be suitable for a hacking sprint, but feel free to look for others (click “All Bugs“ and “All Tasks” on the left). And of course, feel free to extend this list.

TODO (by Joachim)

  • Make sure I have my validate machine up and running efficiently.