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    11= Bug squashing at ZuriHac2014 =
    3 Joachim (nomeata) wants to run a small bugsquashing sprint at [ ZuriHac 2014]. Here he collects list of tickets that may be suitable:
     3Joachim (nomeata) wants to run a small bugsquashing sprint at [ ZuriHac 2014].
     5== Requirements ==
     7You should bring some Haskell experience and be confident reading other people’s Haskell code. You do not need to know all the latest fancy type hackery – GHC itself is written in quite plain Haskell. Some knowledge of git is also useful.
     9Obviously, you need a machine to work on. The more core it has, the less you’ll have to wait.
     11== Setup ==
     13If you want to join in, you can come prepared:
     14 * Read through [wiki:Newcomers]
     15 * Get an account on this trac.
     16 * Make sure that you have built GHC once yourself.
     17 * Your changes need to be validated. So make sure you validated GHC once. I suggest to have a second working copy of GHC that you only use to validate. There is a [WorkingConventions/Git#Workflowwithvalidate section] explaining how to do this.
     18 * Fork [ ghc on github] (or otherwise publish a fork of the GHC repo) for easier collaboration during the hackathon.
     20== Optional tips ==
     22If you have a strong remote machine with lots of cores, you can have the validate tree remotely.
     24For more convenient validation, especially if the validate repository is remotely, I (Joachim) have a script `` that waits for a new branch calls `validate/foo`, then validates it cleanly and either moves it to `validated/foo` or `broken/foo`. If you want to set up that as well, fetch the script from my [ ghc-devscripts repository].
     27== Possible tickets ==
     29This is a list of tickets that might be suitable for a hacking sprint, but feel free to look for others (click “All Bugs“ and “All Tasks” on the left). And of course, feel free to extend this list.
    733== TODO (by Joachim) ==
    9  * Collect pointers to important stuff to read.
    10  * Think about where non-developer contributors should put their code (probably github)
    1135 * Make sure I have my validate machine up and running efficiently.