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    9191release commit on a different branch. 
     93=== From the GHC developer's point of view === 
    9395If you are not modifying these packages then you don't need to do 
    9496anything special: A regular `./sync-all pull` will update the submodules 
    126128... TODO: git commands to be filled in ... 
     131=== From the upstream maintainer's point of view === 
     133Upstream maintainers don't need to do anything special. You can continue 
     134to use any version control system and whatever branching policy works best 
     135for you. However, there are two issues to be aware of: 
     137 * Sometimes we may need to make changes to old versions of libraries, 
     138   as we try to avoid making interface changes within GHC stable 
     139   branches and upstream development may have moved on since a GHC 
     140   stable branch was created. When this happens it is up to you whether 
     141   the changes are sent upstream as normal (and maintained in an upstream 
     142   branch), or whether they are left only in the GHC repository. 
     144 * For libraries that are shipped with GHC, we need to have releases of 
     145   libraries that can build with that GHC. There may be no suitable 
     146   existing release (most commonly due to trivial things such as library 
     147   dependencies needing to be changed, but sometimes due to real changes 
     148   in other libraries or the compiler), in which case we will request 
     149   that you make a suitable release or, if it is not convenient for you 
     150   to do so, we can make one on your behalf (in which case it will 
     151   normally have only the minimal changes necessary since the previous 
     152   release).