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This page and as well as the GitRepoReorganization is still work in progress;

See #8545 for the current state of affairs

Workflows for Handling GHC's Git Submodules

General information about Git's submodule support:

Cloning a fresh GHC source tree

Initial cloning of GHC HEAD (into the folder ./ghc) is a simple as:

git clone --recursive git://

(Obviously, the clone URL can be replaced by any of the supported ghc.git URLs as listed on

Cloning a specific branch, e.g. ghc-7.8; or a specific tag, e.g. ghc-7.8.1-release:

git clone -b ghc-7.8 --recursive git:// ghc-7.8.x
git clone -b ghc-7.8.1-release --recursive git:// ghc-7.8.1

Older tags/branches which were not fully converted into a submodule-configuration, will require an additional ./sync-all get step to synchronize.

Moreover, when cloning from the GitHub GHC Mirror, the submodule url paths need to be rewritten, e.g. ../packages/deepseq.git to ../packages-deepseq.git, so you can't simply use --recursive.

Updating an existing GHC source tree clone

At the top-level of ghc.git working copy:

git pull --rebase
git submodule update --init