Working on GHC

GHC is a BSD-licensed open-source project, and we welcome your help in making it better. This page and the side bar on the left have pointers to information you'll need.

Working conventions

  • Releases and branches: Our conventions for making releases and how the branches are managed: Releases
  • Useful tools: Various tools which exist to make working on GHC more pleasant.
  • Licensing: make sure you are familiar with GHC's Licensing. Unless you say otherwise, we will assume that if you submit a contribution to GHC, then you intend to supply it to us under the same license as the existing code. However, we do not ask for copyright attribution; you retain copyright on any contributions you make, so feel free to add your copyright to the top of any file in which you make non-trivial changes.

Tips and Tricks

  • To have an easier time looking up tickets and searching trac, use the browser tips page to make your search and lookups for Trac tickets substantially easier.
  • If you use Emacs, see Emacs for some useful stuff to put in your .emacs file.
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