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Welcome to the GHC Developer Wiki

This is the home for GHC developers, one place for all the resources related to developing GHC. If you're only interested in using GHC, then you probably want The GHC home page instead.

Please help us improve the information here. You can easily do this by editing the wiki directly. Just log in as user guest with password guest. The "Help/Guide" link at the top of every page gives a good description of the markup language etc.


  • We ran a GHC Hackathon just before ICFP 2006 in Portland, Oregon. As a result, The GHC Commentary is now completely revised, and it's in the GHC Wiki, so you can help keep it up to date. (For the dedicated, videos of the Simons presenting this material are on the Hackathon page.)
  • Internships at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, working on Haskell and GHC

Release cycle status

  • Development steams ahead on the HEAD, with the FC intermediate language changes, associated types, STM invariants, and interface file optimisations all going in.
  • The darcs repositories for the 6.6 branch have been created (see DarcsRepositories). 6.6 has been tagged and released, and the next release from this branch will be 6.6.1. Bug-fixes only on the 6.6 branch; no API changes from now on.
  • The 6.4 branch now has some fixes relative to 6.4.2 that fix problems with the threaded RTS on various platforms (notably MacOS X and Solaris). This branch has been tagged as 6.4.3, but we do not intend to do a full-scale release.

Snapshot distributions of both branches are available.

Developer Documentation

  • The (new) GHC Commentary
    Documentation on the design, architecture, and implementation of GHC itself, with references to the actual source code. (Don't confuse this with the old commentary. This one is new and up to date.)