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Welcome to the GHC Developer Wiki

This is the home for GHC developers, one place for all the resources related to developing GHC. If you're only interested in using GHC, then you probably want The GHC home page instead.

Please help us improve the information here. You can easily do this by editing the wiki directly. Just log in as user guest with password guest. The "Help/Guide" link at the top of every page gives a good description of the markup language etc.

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

Release cycle status

  • The STABLE branch is ghc-6-4-branch in CVS. Bugfixes (only) are being merged in from the HEAD. We are using CVS for this branch, the next STABLE branch will be a darcs repository. The next release of this branch will be 6.4.2, which is due around February 2006.
  • The HEAD will be branched for version 6.6 at some point, still to be decided, but probably around Spring 2006.

Downloading snapshots

The bug tracker

The GHC sources

We are in a transition between revision control systems. The source tree is currently held in a CVS repository:

We are currently maintaining a mirror of the CVS repository in a darcs repository, with the aim of switching to using darcs for development.

Getting Started

How to get started with hacking on GHC:

Developer Documentation

  • The Building Guide: Information on how to build GHC from sources and port GHC to a new platform.
  • The GHC Commentary: Information on the internals of GHC, in various states of up-to-dateness.
  • GhcPapers: papers and pointers to other documents that relate to the inner workings of GHC.

User Documentation

These pages should eventually move to the other Wiki.