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Oct 11, 2006 4:27:43 AM (11 years ago)



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    3636 * RHS of a `type instance` must be a tau type.
    3737 * Check that patterns of type indexes don't contain type functions.
    38  * We probably need to replicate quite a bit of the infrastructure used to maintain class instances for type instances.  In particular, we need to suck all home package instances into a field in the `TcGblEnv` similar to `tcg_inst_env` and all external instances in a field in `Hsc.ExternalPackageState` similar to `eps_inst_env`.
    39  * Construct `InstInfo` for type equation in `tcIdxTyInstDecl1`.
     38 * Construct `TyCon` for type equation in `tcIdxTyInstDecl1`.  This needs to be a synonym tycon, which still needs to be extended to include family information.
     39 * Implement the equation of `conflict`, which is local to `FamInst.addLocalFamInst`, for synonyms; ie, check that the left hand sides coincide under the substitution.
    4040 * If an associated synonym has a default definition, use that in the instances.  In contrast to methods, this cannot be overridden by a specialised definition.  (Confluence requires that any specialised version is extensionally the same as the default.)
    4141 * It should be ok to allow newtype instances for data families.  (NB: the rhs of a newtype is guaranteed to be a lifted type.)  Is this desirable?