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    99   * Issue a warning if there are two identical instances (as per  Roman's suggestion).
    1010 0. `boxySplitTyConApp` and friends must be able to deal with `orig_ty`s that have outermost type family applications; i.e., they need to try to normalise and possibly have to defer.  They also need to defer on skolems.  Consequently, they also need to return a coercion.  This , in particular, affects the treatment of literal lists, parallel arrays, and tuples in`TcExpr.tcExpr` is fishy.
    11  0. Can't we now allow non-left-linear declarations; e.g., `instance type F a a = ..`?
     11 0. We would need swapInsts for wanted constraints.  However, an alternative is to get rid of swapInst altogether and to make substInst a bit smarter (so it also applies wrongly-oriented equalities properly).
    1212 0. Fix export list problem (ie, export of data constructors introduced by orphan data instances):
    1313   * Change `HscTypes.IfaceExport` to use `Name` instead of `OccName`.
    1616   * See email for example.
    1717 0. Allow data family GADT instances.
     18 0. Can't we now allow non-left-linear declarations; e.g., `instance type F a a = ..`?
    1819 0. Fix core-lint breakage in cholewo-eval.
    1920 0. The tests `tcfail068` and `rw` used to raise more type errors right away.  Now, we see less recovery.