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Normalising and Solving Type Equalities

The following is based on ideas for the new, post-ICFP'08 solving algorithm. Most of the code is in the module TcTyFuns.

Normal equalities

Central to the algorithm are normal equalities, which can be regarded as a set of rewrite rules. Normal equalities are carefully oriented and contain applications of synonym family applications only in outermost positions of left-hand sides. They assume one of the following three forms:

  1. co :: F ~ t,
  2. co :: x ~ t, where x is a flexible type variable, or
  3. co :: a ~ t, where a is a rigid type variable (skolem) and t is not a flexible type variable.

and t, t1, ..., tn contain no applications of synonym families. Coercions co are either wanteds (represented by a flexible type variable) or givens (represented by type term of kind CO).

NB: We explicitly permit equalities of the form x ~ y and a ~ b, where both sides are either flexible or rigid type variables.