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Testing Patches

Nowadays there are many people working on GHC, which is a Good Thing, but it does mean that many people are inconvenienced if a patch is pushed which makes the HEAD unbuildable. To try to reduce the number of times this happens, we now have a stricter policy for testing patches before committing them.

In order to test your patches:

  • Get a repository containing the latest HEAD, the patches you want to push, and no other patches or unrecorded changes. Depending on what you are doing, your working repository might be appropriate; otherwise you might prefer to keep a separate repository just for patch testing.
  • Run the validate script in the root of the tree. This will do a "quick" build and then run the testsuite in "fast" mode. Do not push if any of the tests give unexpected results!
  • Depending on the nature of the changes, more testing might be sensible. e.g. if possible, build system changes should be tested on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows machines. Look at the full documentation for the test suite.

The validate script should take around 20mins on a fast, dual core machine.

Assuming all is well, go ahead and commit your changes! If you have commit access then just push as normal. If not, use "darcs send --edit-description" and add a note to say what testing you have done, and on which operating system/architecture.

Finding unrecorded or unpushed patches

In order to find unrecorded changes run:

./darcs-all what -l

from the root of your tree. To find unpushed patches, run:

./darcs-all send --dry-run

also from the root of your tree.