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    5454also from the root of your tree.
     56== Validate has failing tests without any local patches; what do I do? ==
     58The best thing to do is to fix them! This will help make the world a better place, and gain you the admiration and thanks of your colleagues.
     60Fixing them could mean one of two things: Fix a bug in GHC (or the libraries) that the test is reporting, or fixing a broken test to not report a failure when nothing is actually going wrong.
     62=== I tried to fix them, but I got stuck ===
     64If you can't fix them yourself, then first file a ticket for the problem so that it doesn't get forgotten about. First run the testsuite for just that test (e.g. `make fast TEST=thefailingtest`), and include the full testsuite output in the ticket description.
     66'''If several tests are failing''', then file a ticket for each one ''individually'', unless it is clear that a single problem is causing all the failures.
     68Then add `expect_broken(123)` to the test options for that test, where `123` is the number of the ticket you just opened. If the problem only appplies in certain circumstances, then only mark it broken for those circumstances, e.g. `when(opsys('mingw32'), expect_broken(123))`.