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    1 = GHC Committers =
     1= The Glasgow Haskell Team =
     5GHC is the result of many peoples hard work, and this page gives detail on exactly who is responsible for what.
     7== Committers ==
    39The following page lists the current people who are allowed to commit to GHC, along with some details about the role they play and how to contact them. If you need guidance or help for your patches, this list may help you find out who you should contact, both on the mailing lists and here. It also gives some indication of ''where'' people are, which is convenient when you need to cross time-zone barriers, etc.
    713('''NB''': GHC's development ''as a whole'' is not lead by any particular group, company, or individual. Affiliations below are listed for identification purposes only, and are optional; contributions do not necessarily represent the interests of employers or academic institutions.)
    9 == Current list ==
     15=== Current list ===
    1117 * Andreas Voellmy
    201207  * '''Main areas of interest''': GHC API
    203 = Becoming a committer =
     209=== Becoming a committer ===
    205211At a certain point after you've made enough contributions, the question of commit access inevitably arises. To be granted access, please contact '''Austin Seipp''' above. As it currently stands, SPJ will make the final call, and Austin will add your information once verified.
    209215(In some cases, you may also be approached by an existing committer who's willing to represent you, which is great! You'll be contacted appropriately, then.)
    211 = Prior committers =
     217=== Prior committers ===
    213219This list people who have contributed wonderful things to GHC in the past, but are no longer actively working with us. After 1 year of no commits, '''we revoke peoples access and add them from the list above to this one'''. If you're one of these people, contact Austin and we can give access back to you.
    224230  * '''Committer until''': August, 2013.
    225231  * '''Main areas of interest''': ...
     233== Platform maintainers ==
     235The following table lists the people who have generously agreed to be responsible for the GHC port to a particular platform, or to produce binary packages for a certain platform.
     237For a full description of GHC support for various platforms, see [wiki:Platforms].
     239 * '''x86'''
     240   * Windows (targetting [ mingw]): [mailto:[email protected] Sigbjorn Finne]
     241   * Windows (targetting [ Cygwin]): Position open; port bitrotted
     242   * Linux (generic): [mailto:[email protected] Simon Marlow],
     243     [mailto:[email protected] Simon Peyton Jones]
     244   * FreeBSD/i386: [mailto:[email protected] FreeBSD Haskell Team]
     245   * OpenBSD: [mailto:[email protected] Matthias Kilian]
     246   * SuSE Linux/x86 packages: [mailto:[email protected] Sven Panne],[mailto:[email protected] Ralf Hinze]
     247   * Gentoo Linux/x86 packages: [mailto:[email protected] Gentoo Haskell team]
     248   * Debian GNU/Linux/x86 packages: [mailto:[email protected] Kari Pahula]
     249   * MacOS X: [mailto:[email protected] Manuel Chakravarty]
     250   * Fedora packages: [mailto:[email protected] Fedora Haskell SIG]
     252 * '''PowerPC'''
     253   * AIX: [mailto:[email protected] Audrey Tang]
     254   * Linux: [mailto:[email protected] Ryan Lortie], [mailto:[email protected] Erik de Castro Lopo]
     255   * Gentoo Linux packages (32 and 64bit): [mailto:[email protected] Gentoo Haskell team]
     256   * Debian GNU/Linux/powerpc packages: [mailto:[email protected] Kari Pahula]
     257   * MacOS X: [mailto:[email protected] Wolfgang Thaller],[mailto:[email protected] Thorkil Naur]
     258   * Fedora packages: [mailto:[email protected] Fedora Haskell SIG] (until F12)
     260 * '''Sparc'''
     261   * Solaris: Position open
     262   * Linux:   Position open
     263   * Gentoo Linux packages: [mailto:[email protected] Gentoo Haskell team]
     264   * Debian GNU/Linux/sparc packages: [mailto:[email protected] Kari Pahula]
     266 * '''x86_64'''
     267   * Linux: [mailto:[email protected] Simon Marlow]
     268   * Gentoo Linux packages: [mailto:[email protected] Gentoo Haskell team]
     269   * Debian GNU/Linux/amd64 packages: [mailto:[email protected] Kari Pahula]
     270   * FreeBSD/amd64: [mailto:[email protected] FreeBSD Haskell Team]
     271   * OpenBSD: [mailto:[email protected] Matthias Kilian]
     272   * Fedora packages: [mailto:[email protected] Fedora Haskell SIG]
     274 * '''Mips64'''
     275   * Irix: [mailto:[email protected] Don Stewart]
     277 * '''Mips'''
     278   * Debian GNU/Linux/mips packages: [mailto:[email protected] Kari Pahula]
     280 * '''Mipsel'''
     281   * Debian GNU/Linux/mipsel packages: [mailto:[email protected] Kari Pahula]
     283 * '''IA-64'''
     284   * Linux: [mailto:[email protected] Matt Chapman]
     285   * Gentoo Linux packages: [mailto:[email protected] Gentoo Haskell team]
     286   * Debian GNU/Linux/ia64 packages: [mailto:[email protected] Kari Pahula]
     288 * '''Alpha'''
     289   * Dec OSF: [mailto:[email protected] Ken Shan]
     290   * Linux: Position open.
     291   * Gentoo Linux packages: [mailto:[email protected] Gentoo Haskell team]
     292   * Debian GNU/Linux/alpha packages: [mailto:[email protected] Kari Pahula]
     294 * '''HPPA'''
     295   * Gentoo Linux packages: [mailto:[email protected] Gentoo Haskell team]
     296   * Debian GNU/Linux/hppa packages: [mailto:[email protected] Kari Pahula]
     298 * '''S/390'''
     299   * Debian GNU/Linux/s390 packages: [mailto:[email protected] Kari Pahula]
     301 * '''Arm'''
     302   * Debian GNU/Linux/arm packages: [mailto:[email protected] Kari Pahula]
     304== Wonderful past contributors ==
     306These people have contributed to GHC and its core libraries in the past, in various
     307wonderful ways:
     309[mailto:[email protected] Krasimir Angelov],
     310[mailto:[email protected] Lennart Augustsson] (including work on many core libraries, originally for hbc),
     311[mailto:[email protected] Jean-Philippe Bernardy] (Maintenance of Data.*Map/*Set libraries),
     312[ Jost Berthold] (Parallel Haskell: Eden),
     313[mailto:[email protected] Bjorn Bringert],
     314Sebastien Carlier,
     315[mailto:[email protected] Andrew Cheadle],
     316[ Tim Chevalier] (External Core, strictness analysis, ticky-ticky profiling),
     317[mailto:[email protected] Duncan Coutts] (parallel profiling, package system),
     318[ Iavor S Diatchki] (type-level literals),
     319[ Richard Eisenberg],
     320[mailto:[email protected] Sigbjorn Finne],
     321[mailto:[email protected] Andy Gill] (Haskell Program Coverage),
     322Kevin Glynn,
     323[mailto:[email protected] John Goerzen],
     324Cordy Hall,
     325Kevin Hammond,
     326[mailto:[email protected] Tim Harris] (Transactional memory, concurrency),
     327[mailto:[email protected] David Himmelstrup] (GHC developer),
     328[mailto:[email protected] José Iborra] (GHCi Debugger),
     329[mailto:[email protected] Isaac Jones] (Cabal, libraries),
     330[mailto:[email protected] Ralf Laemmel],
     331[mailto:[email protected] Roman Leshchinskiy],
     332[mailto:[email protected] Andres Loeh],
     333[mailto:[email protected] Hans Wolfgang Loidl],
     334John Launchbury,
     335[mailto:[email protected] Ryan Lortie] (PowerPC Linux port, packages),
     336Jim Mattson,
     337[mailto:[email protected] John Meacham],
     338Darren Moffat,
     339[mailto:[email protected] Nick Nethercote],
     340Thomas Nordin,
     341[mailto:[email protected] Sven Panne],
     342Sungwoo Park,
     343Will Partain,
     344[mailto:[email protected] Ross Paterson],
     345Juan Quintela,
     346[ Norman Ramsey] (a little refactoring in the back end),
     347Alastair Reid,
     348[mailto:[email protected] Ben Rudiak-Gould],
     349Patrick Sansom,
     350André Santos,
     351[mailto:[email protected] Sean Seefried] (Plug-in optimisations (in pluggable-branch)),
     352[mailto:[email protected] Julian Seward],
     353[mailto:[email protected] Dominic Steinitz] (Cryptographic library),
     354[mailto:[email protected] Don Stewart] (OpenBSD support),
     355[mailto:[email protected] Volker Stolz],
     356[mailto:[email protected] Josef Svenningsson],
     357[mailto:[email protected] Audrey Tang] (Perl-related tools (ghc-asm, ghc-split), AIX port),
     358[mailto:[email protected] Dinko Tenev],
     359[mailto:[email protected] Wolfgang Thaller] (Darwin/Mac OS X ports, position-independent code generation),
     360[mailto:[email protected] Mike Thomas],
     361Reuben Thomas,
     362[mailto:[email protected] Christopher D. Thompson-Walsh],
     363[mailto:[email protected] Dylan Thurston],
     364Phil Trinder,
     365[mailto:[email protected] Mark Tullsen],
     366David N Turner,
     367Philip Wadler,
     368[mailto:[email protected] David Waern] (Haddock comment support),
     369[mailto:[email protected] Malcolm Wallace],
     370Michael Weber,
     371[mailto:[email protected] Ashley Yakeley] (Time library),
     372[mailto:[email protected] N. Xu].