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This page collects tickets that Simon PJ is interested in, so that he remembers them


  • #2253: NCG could do better. Look at this when John D’s ncg is working
  • #2762: Arity analysis
  • #1434: Slow conversion Double to Int
  • #2439: Strict dictionaries
  • #2002: Very slow compilation. (There is linear stack growth with depth of linear list literal, which we think is ok, but it still should not be so slow.) Needs profiling
  • #2132: Optimise nested comparisons: if you know x>0 then you know x>=1 etc. Maybe a special pass that knows about arithmetic?
  • #783: SRTs getting big
  • #1969: quadratic behaviour in the specialiser
  • #1216: array indexing, inlining/arity bug
  • #149: float-out/CSE
  • #2078: INLINing improvement; ask Christian.Maeder@… to see if it improves CASL
  • #2289, 2387:(a) cheap check at start of case alternatives, (b) nested CPR analysis
  • #2092: Possible quadratic-sized Eq instances. Does it really go quadratic, or does the join-point inlining machinery prevent it? Still to check: delicacy wrt case-of-case
  • #2255: Improve SpecConstr for free variables
  • #2374: SAT and MutableByteArray Max?
  • #2420: Inlining of class methods infelicity (odd rather than bad)

Outright bugs

  • #1870: Panic compiling regex-tdfa-0.93
  • #1148, 2267, 1074: “Unused import” warnings should be generated from RdrNames
  • #2193: Bad error message with impredicative types
  • #2182: GHCi session retains instance after removing a module from scope
  • #2152: Bogus inlining of foregn import. Arises from seeing through a NOINLINE in exprIsConApp_maybe
  • #1241: Lifting the Coverage Condition for functional dependencies isn’t the Right Thing Manuel
  • #2256: Incomplete inference due to lack of quantification over implication constraints. Also, see “BUG WARNING” in TcSimplify line 717 or thereabouts. fdPredsOfInsts is returning preds that mention quantified variables, which is quite wrong Manuel
  • #2239: Lack of improvement with type functions Manuel
  • #1954: Incorrect “defined but not used” msg

Better error messages

  • #2648: Report out of date interface files robustly
  • #2599: Better error message for non-rigid types
  • #2588: Better error message about ‘forall’
  • #2360: Better location info in occurs-check message.
  • #1856: Better error message for mutually recursive modules
  • #1928: Confusing type error message (Claus makes suggestions)
  • #2534: Another confusing type error message
  • #2442: Better error message heuristics for “not in scope” Max B’s patch
  • #2340: Better TH error recovery. Easy to do; change to signature of qRecover.


  • #788 Class aliases
  • #2806: Require bang patterns on unlifted let-bindings
  • #2600: Bind type variables in RULES
  • #1930: Infix type operators: a+b.
  • #960: Generate local info for ‘undefined’. Implicit location parameters in general
  • #1475: Allow TH to generate import declarations
  • #2135: Warn when exporting a function whose type mentions a type constructor defined locally but not itself exported
  • #2526: Add -fwarn-missing-export-signatures
  • #2119: Explicitly importing deprecated symbols should generate deprecation warnings
  • #2116: GHCi should load as much of the module as it can
  • #2207: Load interfaces for GHC.* even without -O
  • #1231: Better deprecations